January 16, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, tableted, 7:30AM into the City. I forgot to plug in my handy dandy iCrackerDroid Intellefone to the wall last night, so I have tomuse the clunkier and more obvious iPaparyusNebulaIV to report this morning’s findings. I hope the more sensitive keyboard doesn’t mess up spelling and context more than usual.

The young blonde new-hire is here, gorgeously made up. Her ensemble includes a string of faux-pearls that highlightsnher outfit nicely. I have a bit of contention with her nailpolish. All but her ring finger on both hands is expertly painted with candy apple red paint. The aforementioned fourth digits are painted dark purple. I wonder why. Perhaps her long-distance boyfriend knows? The NFI is 4.

She is religiously texting away at her iCrackerDroid to her college sweetheart, who’s resume hasn’t panned out as well as hers did. He has recently been promoted to Cookie Icing Supervisor at the Mrs. Fields in the Mall of the Americas, which is a promotion INO with no bump in pay. His first bout of Student
Loans are due soon, and his father is busting his chops daily for the BFA-Philosophy Double Major vs a Real Degree like marketing or finance.

She is patiently texting him with reassuring homilies and planning for his Valentine’s Day visit. She’s got a great deal on luxury hotel rooms through her HR department. He texts back a feeble reply, equally thrilled to see her again but ashamed that all he’ll have to offer is an expertly decorated, heart shaped, dark-chocolate-macadamia-nut cookie and some coupons for Subway meal-deals.

The Japanese section leader from You Only Live Twice is here. He has the same 70’s come over and trick camera that shoots neurotoxic darts. He testeded it onbthe well-bundled elder Desi gentleman sitting next to him, who looks like he has been knocked out for at least three hours.

Also to be mentioned are Colin Macherie, Danica Patrick, Teri Polo, Ron Kittle of White Sox fame, Tracy Chapman, and Andy Card (former Bush COS).

Happy Wednesday.  Safe Travels.

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