January 17, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good evening. On the, after-hours, 6:15PM out of the City. I am already a bit annoyed that I couldn’t get an earlier train out and that when I tried to sit in my ideal seat, somebody just sat down in.my.spot. right in front of me. I am seated in an alternate jumpseat facing a well armed crowd. The NFI is 3.

Tim Matheson of West Wing-VPOTUS fame is here, looking handsomely wise. Our fellow has had a long day looking Ivy League for meetings, but has since loosened and removed his tie from his pressed blue-striped shirt. He is blinking rapidly at his iTabletHeat screen, attempting to make sense of the financial data moving past his vision.

He doesn’t look happy at his analysis. I envision a scenario where this CFO speed-dials Bernanke or Lew and they listen. That, or this poor fellow just had some bad oysters for lunch.

Princess Leia is here and she’s become a blonde and aged considerably. Unlike the actress who portrayed the Rebel twice-orphaned leader, our heroine has a svelte, curvy figure. Her face is free from Botox injections and plastic surgery done by a Medi-droid. She looks about late-40’s.

What is striking about the woman is her hair, which looks like it was styled at an upscale dog grooming facility.

Not being hairstyle savvy, I can only say that the top and back look like an excellently conceived butch cut, but the sides look like the two Danishes were julienned and left to hang on either side of her head. Unfortunate, as the otherwise professional looking woman, who surely commands a presence at the office, cannot feasibly be taken seriously by her peers who, like her, saw the original Episode IV in the theaters in 1977.

The gentleman sitting in the jumpseat with me is a large, barrel-chested, beer-bellied, Billy Bob Thorton. He is wearing a brown leather jacket, sports a Bowie knife and two mobile device holders on his belt. He must be packing a Sig Sauer or Baretta somewhere. The netbook he is using now, resting on his expansive thighs, looks like a children’s toy compared to his kielbasa shaped fingers. Impressive.

Kasturbai Gandhi, Lance Armstrong, Forest Whittaker, and Christopher Walken are also all here.

Safe travels and good night.

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