January 23, 2013 – Inbound – #trainspotting#Chicago


Good morning. On the, crisp & clean and exceedingly early, 6:35AM into the City. Back quiet car, wearing a horrible winter knit hat with flops over the ears and Pipi Longstocking like tails from those flaps. The hipster across the aisle and sitting by the window is coveting this chapeau-challenge. He looks like Paul Ryan (R-WI), although not as buffed and Machiavellian as the august Congressman from the Cheesy State.

Also here is a 55-year old Harry Potter. The lightning scar has faded behind wrinkles. His hair is full for his age, though his forehead is more prominent. The charcoal gray suggests that he spends a lot of time over a cauldron, taking up potions making later in life to keep up with his grand-children’s studies. His glasses are the same as when he was at Hogwarts, ‘lo those many years ago.

My children watch a cartoon called “The Fairy-Odd Parents,” where the boy Timmy finds parental guidance from his Fairy (magical) Godparents more than from his inept parents. In this cartoon, one of Timmy’s nemeses is his homeroom teacher, hoping to expose the no-doubt existence of Timmy’s magical family. Well, that teacher, the name of the character escapes me, traveling on the train. He is napping, but was previously looking very nervous about something. Perhaps this is his first time on the train?

Also to be mentioned are Sen. Larry Craig, Greg Maddox, Golda Meir, and Dr. Jane Goodall. I hope your Tuesday goes well. Safe travels.

Post-script – Today is Wednesday.

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