March 7, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago



Good afternoon. On the 4:30PM out of the City. I was hungry. I didn’t have lunch. I picked up a sandwich for the ride home. I thought I could sit in my favorite jumpseat in the front car. Unfortunately, my usual seat was full. So, I moved into the quiet car.

If you folks watch basic cable, you may know Buddy the Cake Boss. Well, he has a doppleganger here in Chicago and she looks exactly like him, but with long blonde hair. (S)he is fascinating looking! Either I am sitting next to a dedicated transgenderist in mid-transition or the worst made-up drag queen ever! The hands alone are easily those of a steelworker, yet she is dressed in Ann Taylor slacks, matching jacket, overcoat and thigh-high boots that would make the dedicated fashion-diva jealous. And the PURSE! Good lord! My wife would pine for that purse!

I am also excited! George Lucas is seated five seats back and across the aisle. His silver hair and well groomed mustache stand out as Lucasian. He is reading the first draft of a script for approval. He looks bored and a little self-pitying about selling his franchise. Also, he seems to be confused about the document, as he didn’t the script for Episode I until well into production. In keeping with the Abrams decision, our co-commuter does have a James Doohan about him.

I can’t help but notice a gentleman who reminds me of an old newsman from the early ’80s. Our man is easily seventy years old. Yet he has a gorgeous, GORGEOUS, head of brown hair. The wavy rug – it is obviously a toupee – flows back to the top of his shoulder blades. He reminds me of Harry Shearer raiding the make-up room. The large headphones he is using look like a hair band worn by Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club. I don’t have the chutzpah to consider something so visually incongruous.

Also here are Jennifer Lopez, Joe the Plumber, Busta Rhymes, and Sen. Paul Simon (D-IL). All are armed.

Happy Thursday. Stay reasonable. Safe traveling.

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