Wednesday October 30, 2013 – Homeward Bound – #trainspotting#Chicago





Good afternoon. On the early express 2:30PM out of the City. I have a doctor’s appointment – yearly checkup + flu shot meetup. I expect to be poked and prodded a bit.

Evidently I am an “X” factor to the usual crowd on this train. I recall a heavy set fellow I used to talk about that always wore a blue shirt like a uniform. He’s here and he’s actually gotten bigger. Tweedledum is sitting across the aisle in his own seat  Since being aware of him, there is another fellow, slightly less big, who evidently is a buddy of Tweedledum. Let’s call him Tweedledee. Tweedledee is sitting next to me in the jump seat, facing the path of travel and NOT facing Tweedledum.

Now Tweedledee has his headphones on and is listening to Bad Company or a rebroadcast of SuperBowl XX. Every now and then, he looks over at Tweedledum. Tweedledee is fidgity, as if he needs to talk to Tweedledum about something important.

Now the swat across the aisle from Tweedledum is occupied by a aging French actress. She’s like a mix of Scarlett Johansson’s features with a bit of Mila Kun is around the eyes, but a supermodel height and a fuller figure like Liv Tyler. She has a pure Midwestern accent. This model-amalgam is not taking up that much space. Tweedledee (stay with me now) could have easily sat next to Scarlett JoKuniTyler Cubs Fan. Instead, both the bug Wonderland brothers have been periodically looking at me with frustration. Let em. I got here first and I’m leaving at the second to last stop. So there!

Two regulars are sitting in the opposite jump seat. One is the Alpha Male, Henry Hill of the two. The other is the skinny, relaxed, family man, pot-smoking laborer of the group who is just happy that he’s alive and well.

Also here are Count Dracula, Valerie Plame, Tosh 2.0, and Anita Rice. All are armed.

Let’s Get Physical! Happy Wednesday. Safe Travels.

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